Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Apologies to full bladders......

Our studio is at the back of our house and to get to the washroom, you have to walk through our kitchen and living room. Sometimes we don't feel that the house is quite tidy enough for unfamiliar eyes and when asked if we have a toilet, we on occasion, say we don't!

Top 5 excuses of 2009

1. Mother in-law is visiting, taking a bath.

2. Feral cats convalescing from surgery (sometimes true)

3. Pipes broken, plumber is on the way

4. Sister is visiting, bathing children (I don't have a sister)

5. We don't have a bathroom (I only said this once and looked as confused as the customer)
To all of those full bladders, we apologize. Most often we offered an alternative and to be fair (to me!) if someone truly looked like they were going to burst on the spot, I did swallow my pride and let them walk past a sink of dishes to get to the toilet. (Only so I wouldn't have to clean the floor in the studio)
Our new gallery will have its very own guest bathroom....it will always be available, full of lovely toiletries and ready for use! DRINK UP!!
Images Above: Our Bathroom!

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