Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Now open 24/7!

I open the door. Two peppy tourists are looking at me. Smiling. They have matching scarves tied around their necks. They are jaunty.
They ask if I am me.
They tell me they were up early. I can see their expensive bed and breakfast breakfasts straining through their fitted Ralph Lauren polos. The outline of sausage links and bacon strips is apparent.
"We see that your CLOSED sign is up but we were wondering if you are open................"
It is 7:23 am. I am wearing a floor length flannel nightgown and two different socks. I am struggling to hold on to two, hysterical cats that are trying to run out the door. It is possible that I look crazier than I feel.
"Of course," I answer, "I must have forgotten to flip the sign......”