Friday, October 2, 2009

SPCA Fall Gala!

Custom Gift for the Gala

"Moonlight in the Tickle" by Cara and Pam
Hand-carved wood/acrylics/mixed media
Donation for the SPCA Auction 2009

Meester Lily

Papa Luigi

This is one of our donated pieces for the SPCA's Fall Gala on Saturday, October 3rd. It is a cause that is dear to our hearts. We try to help as many animals as we can here, at Crabby Cat Cottage, and often end up adopting them ourselves. Papa Luigi has the saddest story, but he is the happiest cat in town. (Except for the time last winter when he had injured feet and had to wear socks for 2 weeks)

Gretel and Lily have both come a long way.

P.S. We think it's silly when people dress their pets in clothes but we have to make exceptions for Halloween and poor Meester (Lily) who doesn't quite feel himself unless he is wearing something frilly.


Janet Davis said...

You two are nuts!
I love reading your blog- please keep it up!
The silly clap-o-meter is on bust!


LoriW said...

Luckiest animals ever. Where did you hide them all when we came scrounging for food during the studio tour?! If I become homeless I hope to find myself in Upper Island Cove. FYI: I come with my own costumes (and willing to share with Meester Lily).