Thursday, November 26, 2009

Why BooBoo? Why?

Felted wool starfish. With squibillions of tiny beads. I have been making them for Christmas gifts this year. I do this in the late night. It is relaxing. It is meant to be relaxing.
Now, I am truly one of the most unorganized gals in the world when it comes to craft and art supplies. My house is littered with brushes, glue, wires, ropes, tiny wooden is chaos.
My glass beads on the other hand are a different story. I spend hours colour matching them, putting them in tiny clear containers. My embroidery floss is wound on little cards. It is a very tidy thing, my bead box. You would be impressed.
Yesterday, I found it upside down, billions upon millions of beads everywhere. All over the house. They are small beads. In fact, they are practically invisible. Floss and yarn strewn across the floor, wrapped around the table legs.
SHE says she didn't do it. Lily and BooBOO tried to deny it, but they both have tiny turquoise beads stuck in their claws. I will never forgive them. Ever. This is not relaxing at all.

Photo: BooBoo helps with the drying of the starfish .

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