Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Had to Put a Lock on The Liquor Cabinet

We've done a lot of custom commissions lately of pets. Moreover, we've done one large commission FOR the pet. It is terrifically funny.
One of the photos above (Sequin's Wash Day) is a picture of little Sequin's dresses and outfits, hanging on her mama's clothesline. Seriously, the little star has far more clothes than I do. I am very jealous.

The Lovely Sequin has sailor suits and denim jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts and ruffle-sparkly-fluffy dresses. More hair doodles that Crystal Gail.
Our poor cats look on with such envy every time she comes over.

I am going to make a sailor suit for Mr. Lily and a matching one for me. SHE can have one too, but I suspect She won't be up for it.

Until then, Lily has opted for the eastern European look. He is reading Kundera and I have my suspicions that the clear liquid in his water bowl isn't water.
Munchkin and Toby - Commission
Hand-Carved pine/acrylics/mixed media by Cara and Pam
Wee Sequin
"Sequin's Wash Day"
Hand carved wood/acrylics/mixed media by Cara and Pam
Mr. Lily can tie his own kerchief.

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