Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Now There Is a Lemon Wedge Between Us........

I am in BIG trouble. Again. We had a gang in on Sunday to celebrate various springy- time events and I thought I would be clever the night before and make a big, gorgeous batch of Sangria. In the morning I searched for a jug. I found a beautiful decanter...YES, the one I gave her for Christmas. She loves this decanter. She loves her red wine. She often puts her red wine in her beloved decanter. She does.
SO, I carefully poured the fruity-winey, loveliness into her prize decanter. Great! It didn't look quite full enough, so I cut up 4 oranges and 4 lemons and wedged them down the neck of the beloved. I crammed them in with an upside down wooden spoon. I worked really hard at this.

So proud was I of my creation. It wasn't until I saw Her face, that I realized what I had done.

How were we supposed to get all of those oranges and lemons OUT of the decanter? How could I have done this? What was I thinking?

To be honest, I was probably thinking about poodles and rainbows and cupcakes and I MUST have been thinking about how much fun it was to ram giant fruit chunks down tiny, decanter necks.
After all of the Sangria was gone.....(we kept adding more wine to the bottle).......we all sat and looked at the beloved. Wires were suggested. Letting the fruit dry until it shrunk enough to fall out was suggested. Upside down shaking, pulling, hooking out with knives...all suggested. Currently it sits on the table. A celebration of my badness. A tribute to everything ridiculous. I quite like it that way and it smells nice...the winey, soggy fruit chunks. I am no longer in charge of Sangria making. I AM, however, thinking about how I can somehow use her terrarium to make homemade beer.

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alphabetical soup said...

Oh I just have to comment this time. Providing I can stop laughing of course. I am not multi-skilled. Can't laugh and type you know. I'll whisper this in case She hears. Just keep this whole horrible mess liquid and grab/steal/acquire a length of wire and bit by bit hook out the revolting mess. You should have it cleaned up by Christmas. Mind you don't scratch the decanter.
Good luck.
Ms Soup