Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Figure, If You Want to Have Squid Dangling from Your Earlobes, How Can I Say No?

Last week, another customer saw the polka-dotted squidlies hanging in our studio and asked if they were earrings. Ahh....nope. They are hanging decorations. Well, said she... could I make them earrings?

Ahh....sure, said I.

This has happened quite often and I am realizing that there is demand for squiddy jewelery. Really? Is there, really?

Just for fun, I made some felted ones that aren't as weighty as the clay. They can be brooches or hair clips or earrings.

I'll apologize now, to the poor 16 year old who has to go to the mall with her mother who is wearing bug, fluffy, felted squid earrings....but to give me credit, I DID stop making the salt beef hair barrettes after selling out of the 10 I had made. I didn't realize there would be 10 people in the world who would WANT a wooden, salt beef hair barrette.

Thankfully, I nipped that one in the bud.

Image: Squidlies Hanging at The Devon House

Image: Giant Squid by Cara Kansala * acrylic on paper

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