Saturday, June 12, 2010

I Am Not A-Mewsed!!!

The cats are in lock-down for the day. We have a birthday party tonight at Old Foolishness up the road and tomorrow I am making an Italian lunch for 8!
So much cooking to do and I can't have the cats getting into everything. SHE thinks that if they are in disguise I won't notice them sitting quietly on the window sill. ARGH! I am trying to make anchovy tarts, a massive stuffed Tuscan Pork Loin, Limoncello Tirimisu...the list goes on....and SHE is busy in the Tickle Trunk, dressing up the cats. I knew this day would come. We have reversed roles. Now I am going to have to be the serious one, take out the garbage and learn to do the accounting. If you are one of our 8 friends coming for the lunch tomorrow, I'll apologize now for the cat hair in the pasta fritta. Fur happens.
Image: Cat's Pajamas
Coco Incognito

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