Sunday, August 8, 2010

Needed: Five One-Way Bus Tickets To Noddy Bay

Last Friday night we were in St. John's for our book club dinner (which was FABULOUS!!! Thanks to our hostesses with the mostesses!!) ....the dinner was gorgeous and our discussion of Pattern Recognition by William Gibson very interesting. It was a lovely, relaxing night......until we walked into the house and discovered that somehow, the little evils had pushed open the door to the studio and were working on a craft project using every ball of hemp, twine and string in my supply cupboard. They are very, very bad cats and if they don't soon start behaving like good cats should, they'll all be shipped off with their winter hats and scarves to the Northern Peninsula.
(Lily is quite excited about it all and is currently crocheting his OWN scarf for the journey.)
Image: L'anse Aux Meadows by Cara Kansala * acrylic on canvas
Lily caught in the full of badness he stuck out his tongue.

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