Friday, September 10, 2010

Painful Pet-acures!!!

Lily, it seems, has not been pleased about all of the sleep-over company we have had this summer. The guest foam mattresses have been completely demolished....shredded to pieces by his little nails. I had to remove the wee bits of foam from his toenails with tweezers and by the end of it, I too, looked like the shredded, foam mattress. Peroxide. Polysporin. Band aids.We have more company coming soon and SHE is going to have to trim his nails before he mattress attacks again. Next company is MOTHER-IN-LAW, so at least, I hope, he will wait until she is ON the foam mattress before he strikes again.....
HAHA...just kidding, MOTHER-IN-LAW, just kidding.
Image: The Alphabet Song * Complete Installation* Devon House Gallery
By Cara Kansala

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