Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monkey Businesses Never Go Out of Business!

I grew up constantly hearing "Stop horsing around!!" and "that's enough monkey business!" Now that I am older, I have come to believe that there is definitely not ENOUGH horsing around and that monkeys really should go into business. If I was a monkey, that's what I would do. Monkey business would be great. BooBoo agrees with me, at least. She has started her own monkey business. Monkey rides, $2.00 each.
Hooray! We have both been invited to do an artist in residence in Battle Harbour, Labrador for a week next autumn. I am so excited and can't wait to get there and start painting. SHE is excited about the scenery and the drive. SHE has told me that it is a very long drive and I will have to behave and not ask "HOW MUCH LONGER" every five minutes. I told HER that she should get me an ipad to keep me occupied during the trip. That way I can do paperwork, emails and business stuff in the car.
Business stuff. Yes, indeed. Monkey Business! Now, I just need a horse!
Image: Midnight Dreamers by Cara and Pam
BooBoo's Monkey Business "Monkey Rides, $2.00 each"

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LoriW said...

Congrats on the Battle Harbour residency! Labrador is beautiful! There are so many magical spots along the Straits... the L'Anse Amour burial mound, L'Anse Amour Lighthouse (and the archaeocyathids along the shoreline!), Red Bay and my whalers... places where you can close your eyes and try to imagine... *pop*... then open your eyes and there you are!
I hear Battle Harbour is lovely (I've never been because I got a flat on the way). YAY for you both!

p.s. Does BooBoo have a weight restriction on monkey rides?