Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Come and Knock on Our Door, We'll Be Waiting for You....Where the Kisses are Hers and Hers and His Three's Company Too.....

Usually, SHE needs supervision when shopping for clothes and shoes. And accessories. SHE has come home with woolly Sherpa vests, red cowboy boots, ear cuffs (ALMOST too embarrassing to type) and yes, a cravat. SHE once found a sale on dickeys and bought one in each colour. Five turtlenecks. Just the necks. Creepy in the drawer, but great if we ever have an accident and lose everything from our shoulders down.
Yesterday I left her alone in Sport Chek for 5 minutes. It might have been 3. She managed to come out with Jack Trippers sneakers from season 3 of Three's Company. They are beyond. SHE loves them, which is all that matters. Next week, I am going to go shopping for a polyester mummu in a pink floral that Mrs. Roper would have killed for. I really am.
Image: Drying The Nets by Cara Kansala and Pam Dorey
Hand-Carved Wood/Mixed Media
Jack Tripper's Long Lost Shoes...

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Brenda Stratton said...

Well the turtlenecks could come in handy if you have your heads know after you die. lol. b