Friday, May 6, 2011

Go Fly A Kite!

Detail: Edith's Lupins by Cara * Acrylic on Canvas
Lift Off for S.Squissage!!
HER Pirate Ship Coming in for a Landing
Clio and Jazz want tiny dog sized kites of their own....
Yesterday, we took a break from work, kite-napped our darling S.Squissage and went kite flying! It was a glorious afternoon and I was very proud of my colourful spinbox and how high I had it up in the clouds.......until SHE attacked me with her evil flying pirate ship, got me tangled up in S. Squissage's souring star and caused me to do a deadly nose-dive into the rocky cliffs. Next time, I will have a longer string, a new tail and a more confident pilot....SHE and her pirate ship are doomed! DOOMED I tell you!
(Note: SHE pointed out and thought it funny that I forgot to put a string on the kite that is flying in the painting above. SHE thinks it is VERY funny that the laundry and the chimney smoke are going in different directions.
I think it is funny that SHE will be having cold cereal for dinner and NOT the promised Lemon Pasta! HMMPH!

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Jon Rector, editor of The Piglet Parade said...

As you are serving cold dinner cereal to HER, mention that "Because of eddies, almost every wind contains small (or not so small) areas
where—for some period of time—the local wind will be blowing completely
opposite to the prevailing direction." - THE KINETIC ATMOSPHERE
The Nature of Wind

That should settle the laundry and smoke issue. I hope this helps.