Friday, May 13, 2011

It's a Small World After All.....

These are 3 of my Teeny-Weeny-Shiny-Tiny Sneaky Paintings
Top Left "Portrait of my Darling" Papa Luigi by Cara Kansala
Top Right  "Itchy's Gift"
Bottom Middle "Scratchy is a Doll"
I love things that are either HUGE or TEENY WEENY. Middle-sized things make me sleepy. I love over-sized sofas, giant mugs of coffee, massive, cuddly dogs and huge umbrellas. I love teensy weensy tea cup sets, miniature dogs (why aren't there tiny, miniature cats?), bonsai trees and hummingbirds.
A few weeks ago, I secretly ordered dozens of tiny canvases from Curry's.
2 inches by 1 WEE! In between my commissions and orders, I have been painting these little darlings and hiding them away. Cats, family portraits and eensy landscape scenes. Yesterday, SHE found my stash and the following questions were asked:

1. Why are you painting these tiny pictures?
2. What are you going to do with them?
3. Is this an efficient use of your time?

My Answers:
1. They make me smile.
2. I do not know.
3. I certainly hope not....please refer back to answer #1.

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Judy Cooper Textile Images said...

I like tiny stuff too! These are just wonderful.