Thursday, August 25, 2011

Barking Up the Wrong Tree......

Rose Nylund is barking up the wrong tree!

"Gulliver's Fish Came True" Original hand-carved/mixed media by Cara & Pam
Many people have told us lately that goats will eat ANYTHING.
I have found this not to be true.

Goats will NOT eat:
Turnips and carrots that I spent  forever cutting up into perfect Rose-sized pieces
Lovely goat-a-licious apples that I sliced into slices
Sweet potato peels, bog-standard potato peels or parsnip peels
Clover, grass and flowers that I hand-picked just for goat
Weeds, trees and shrubs that I specifically designated for munching on

Goats WILL eat:
Cat food
Diet Root Beer, Regular beer
Cardboard, $5 and $10 bills
Any plant that was just planted special this summer
Newly planted trees from O'Neil's garden center in Spaniard's Bay
Trident gum...spearmint (in the paper wrapper)
Purina Goat Chow (the only blessing)
and raisin....millions and millions of raisins

Note: Rose Nylund also enjoys eating shoe laces, though it might be the pulling part that she likes the most. I have tripped over my long, undone laces at least a thousand times. Rose thinks it is funny.
I think I need to buy a pair of velcro sneakers and stocks in Sunmaid.

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rooee said...

Heck our horse don't eat carrots or apples either. What is with that? They do however love those soft peppermint puffs!
And our dogs love to eat horse poop and hoof clippings.....I guess that is why they are called dogs.
Velcro sneakers? Really!
Loving the Beatrice canvas>>>