Friday, October 21, 2011

Would you like some soup with your wine?

Poor Wee Blanche is highly offended that she was not included in our recent piece featuring Rose. I tried to appease her by putting her in the photograph but she is still quite grumpy. Stanley has promised to run her a warm bath and make her a hot chocolate this evening to cheer her up. Rose was mostly pleased with her portrait but thought  I was a bit heavy on the ears. It is impossible to please all of the hairy creatures all of the time.
Speaking of which, I was chatting on the telephone while making Tuscan Bean soup and poured an entire bottle of white wine into the pot instead of just a cup. SHE might complain during the first bowl but after seconds and thirds I imagine she'll feel quite relaxed. She might even think it is divine! She MAY even end up dancing on the table with a lampshade on Her head. Good soup will do that to you.


Anonymous said...

Oh if She does, please take a video for me. Please.

Catherine Dempsey said...

she looks grumpy! However, the bath might cheer her up. I remember taking a bath once and had my feet up on the end of the tub. A kitten had climbed from the toilet seat onto my feet and was working its way down my legs, closer and closer to my book, propped on my stomach. Suddenly the kitten slipped and hit the water. Scratches for me, book in water, and a very quick rescue for the bedraggled puss.

Anonymous said...

Miss Blanche really would like her Christmas portrait to have a wee mousie and off course mistletoe! The Tuscan bean soup sounds wonderful especially if SHE is providing the floor show while we eat! Cheers!