Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Happiest Halloween!

 It was Rosie's first Halloween and she decided to dress up as Vera Duckworth fom Coronation Street. Blanche and Stanley are in the photo beside her but you can't see them because they dressed up as ghosts!

Image: "Friday Was Fine so Mrs. Parsons Washed Her Best Tablecloth...the one her Daughter-in-Law Dervla Sent Her Home from Ireland." by Cara & Pam 2011   
 In between the jigs and the reels, dinners, Halloween parties, nail-biting card games and the building of the painting studio we have been working away like cock-a-doodle Christmas elves getting ready for the our gallery show in St. John's...only 12 days away!


Rosa Robichaud said...

Did Rose get to go Trick or Treating and if so.... I hope she snagged a lot of raisins!


LOVE her costume!!!!

Rosa Robichaud
Saint John, New Brunswick

Julie said...

Rose looks more like Hilda Ogden and that shows you just how long I have been watching the "Street".