Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Keeping the Home Fires Burning.....

"Every Summer Mr. Mercer Brings His sheep to the Feather to Graze" 
Hand-Carved/Hand-Painted by Cara Kansala & Pam Dorey
Currently on display and for sale at The Heritage Art Gallery, St. John's

Image: The real live sheep on the feather. Rose wants to invite them to her birthday party in April, but it might be a bowling party and only 3 will fit in the car.

What a crazy week! "The Goat House" is near completion and SHE is beside Herself with joy. Finally, She will have me working out of the house and there won't be painty finger streaks on the white cupboards, or orange footprints on the new floor or dried up paint stuck to the bathroom sink. I think she will miss my artful messiness. SHE said that I can make as much mess as I like in my new studio. She doesn't care what I do as I long as I don't burn it down. IT won't have a wood stove. Yesterday, I was home alone and was in charge of keeping the wood stove going. I thought it was odd that She had cut so many logs into such teeny tiny pieces.....there were SO many and they burned SO fast. I went through two massive basketfuls before I ran out.
SHE thought it was odd that I had burned two weeks worth of carefully chopped fire kindling and hadn't thought to go to the wood shed to get the bigger logs. Move-out date can't be too soon.

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mummer's the word said...

how about some photos or jpgs or art showing new studio of banned Cara?