Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Keep Your Socks On.........

Image: "Sophia Petrillo", Rosie's new baby sister!

On Mother's Day I got the best surprise since time began! She left in the early afternoon to pick up what I thought was an antique wagon wheel for the garden. Little did I know that She, Pinky Darling and the Mrs. from the Love Shack were off on Mission Impossible 3. What a shock I had when the three of them turned up in the back garden, smelling of barnyards, carrying a tiny white goatling who was wearing a very smart Polk-a-Dot bow. Rose now has a baby sister and they seem to be getting along like peaches in a pie!
The gallery will be officially open this coming weekend but we've had quite a few visitors already.
My second favourite remark so far.....
Lovely Lady  is looking at the teeny "Naked Nan" paintings:
"Didn't your model get cold while she was posing for these?
(I am not sure if she is serious...)
Me: "Um.....well.......she DID get to keep her socks on."

My very favourite remark....
We had a school group visit from Bonavista for a studio tour...
I overheard one of the students saying to her teacher:
"Miss, if I lived in this house, I would never be sad."

What a lovely thing to hear.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome Miss Sophie, you are such a cutie-pie!

I agree with the child's remark! It would be a joy to live in your house and play with Rose and Sophie and all the other 4 legged kids.