Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Answer is Blowing in the wind......

We have a new weather vane. I thought I knew a lot about weather vanes before this one arrived but apparently, I know nothing. I am a weather vane dingbat. We got the weather vane the day before leaving on a trip with the gang to Gros Morne and SHE spent much of the drive trying to explain weather vane system operations to me. I don't have a head for science.... or maths, biology, geometry, construcktion, kemistry or spelling.
SHE wonders what is going on upstairs in this head of mine. I can tell you from personal experience that upstairs, things are shaking. There's a party going on and everyone's invited....fairies and elves and rabbits and rainbows- Naked Nans, lobsters, tom cats and goats - they are all boogying down in a 24 hour dance marathon that doesn't seem to end. My poor brain has to sift through it all and try to keep a straight face while talking about the weather with people whose upstairs area is tidy, vacuumed, dusted and waiting for company. It is hard.
We unpack the weather vane...
ME: OH, it is BROKEN!
Her: No, it's not.
ME: IT IS! LOOK! It's broken!!
Her: How? Where?
 I am twirling it and shaking it and spinning it around like a ballerina in a jewellery box (I broke mine the first day I had it and glued a Tetley Tea china cat in her place)
ME: Look here. The N, S, E, W is supposed to spin around and it is stuck. STUCK! How are we supposed to know which way the wind is blowing? It is BROKEN!
Her: WHAT? Are you kidding?
ME: No....why does everything always end up in disasterness!
Her: How can you tell which way the wind is blowing if the NSEW is spinning?
ME: If it is spinning left, the wind is from the left west and vice versa.
HeR: OH GOD.....not this again. I can't take it. Just trust me. It is not broken. Stop twirling it.
ME: Well, what then! Does the whale tell us in a tinny voice "HELLO GIRLS, Mr. WHALE the wind is from the EAST. HAVE A NICE DAY"
I can see that SHE thinks this might be a good road to take.
HeR: Yes Cara. That is exactly how it works. Exactly.

Image: A chair we delivered to a client in Rocky Harbour. Hand-Carved/Mixed Media by Cara & Pam

Image: The view from our home away from home- Neddies Harbour Inn, Norris Point

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