Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sealed With a Hiss......

Image:  "The Goat Way"by Cara Kansala - 3 feet x 3 feet - oil on Canvas -  2012

She said She was going to town and asked if I needed anything.
"Do you need anything from town?"  She asked.
"I DO!" I said. 
"I DO!!"
"Cadmium Yellow, Medium Hue."
That was all I needed - but need it,  I did.
A few hours later She arrived home with more bags than Santa at the starting gate.
Curiously, most of them said "PETSMART".
I watched Her unpack bagged cat food, cat food in tins, giant boxes of cat litter, cat treats and several new cat toys involving feathers on sticks and plastic fishing rods with shiny, stuffed minnows attached.
Ahh....and there was a new cat bed too! And look! There was a pair of chainsaw safety pants!
I waited for my tiny brown paper bag from Art Cansel to emerge. I knew it would pop up soon, because after all, I had only asked for one. tiny. yellow. thing.
After She was done saying hello and sweetums and nookums and squishness to the cats after being away from them for SO long, I asked for my paint. Cadmium yellow, medium hue.
"AHHH", She said, "I didn't have time to get it. Can't you mix yellow?"
"You can't mix yellow! Really? Really?" I asked, "but you DID have time to go to two pet stores AND the chainsaw safety pants store?" 
"The cats are having their half birthday this week!" She hollered, "and I have to cut up that firewood next week!"
"Well, I guess if I was a cat, I'd have much better luck around here." I said and 
 hissed at her and walked away. I wouldn't say no to a bag of catnip and a scratching post.

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