Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mom, Singing in the Kitchen, Dancing with the Bread Dough, Kneading Out the Rhythm of My Life.......

In Newfoundland, people take time to do things. The make homemade breads and jams and pickles and socks. They share them with their neighbours and friends. They are artists.
Yesterday we were out for a stroll and our wonderful friend and neighbour gave us a loaf of warm bread. It is the loveliest gift you can give someone.
In Newfoundland, if someone gives you a loaf of homemade bread, it means they like you. Judging by the size our bums, I'd say we have a lot of friends. That is a good thing.

Top Image: "Mom"
Cara and Pam
Hand-Carved Pine, Acrylics, Mixed Media
24" x 24"

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