Thursday, October 15, 2009

If We All Had "Happy Helmets" the World Would be A Better Place

I made the cats felted, wool "Happy Helmets". I even dyed the wool. (I am not allowed to do that again unless supervised.)

Meester loves to play with the little doodles that hang down. SHE says that they probably DON'T like the hats.....that perhaps they should only wear them on "special" occasions......

SHE : How would YOU like to have a hot, wool helmet full of hanging doodles jammed over your ears?

Tim Rast said...
"The helmets must bring inner happiness and prevent it from escaping through the rest of their faces."
Now I know what I am making HIM for Christmas.

Images: Meester and Nanabananapants having the best time EVER in the helmets.


Tim Rast said...

The helmets must bring inner happiness and prevent it from escaping through the rest of their faces.

Julie said...

Hmm. I think that my little Maddy would have a great time with this type of headgear. She is a two year old Jack Rascal but I don't think it would be on her head for more than one or two minutes.

Now, if I could get my two cockatiels to sport smaller versions! A picture worth National Geographic exposure.

Anonymous said...

I think those are AMAZING! Gilbert and Sullivan, however, are pointing their paws and snickering. :)

(I can't figure out how to comment as anyone but anonymous)


Lori White said...

Make Tim's helmet *extra* tight!

All I can figure is the animals MUST love it - otherwise you wouldn't have the impressive portfolio of pets-in-costume that you have. An unhappy cat would never sit still long enough to have the helmet put on, let alone pose for the portrait!

However, I have to agree with HER on one point. These helmets are obviously "ceremonial" and only to be worn on special occasions. They allow Meester and Nana to release their inner warrior spirits during weddings, funerals, rites of passage. I think they'd wear a helmet of a different design that would allow holes for the ears during battle. Such well armoured kitties - BRAVO!

MrsShawn said...

Oh my gosh those are brilliant! The looks on their faces is hilarious. You are brilliant. I love your imagination!