Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Our Blog in Print!

Yesterday we picked up the mail from the post office and excitedly opened up the newest Craft Council Provincial Magazine (we are always excited to see what our fellow artists and craftsfriends are up to!). There, on page 9, was a whole story about our Grumpy Goat Gallery blog! What a funny and exciting! It's amazing that just since September our blog has been read over 800 times. Clustrmaps is so nifty! Thanks a lot...we'll try our best to keep the chuckles coming!
P.S. BooBoo was extremely insulted that they chose the photos of the goat and other cats. She was left out of the whole shebang and has been in a snit all day!
Photo: The Grumpy Goat Gallery in the magazine.

1 comment:

LoriW said...

Great coverage! Proud to say I've been here since you went "public"!!!

(Don't cry, Boo. Who needs page 9?? You're cover story material!)