Wednesday, October 7, 2009


The Christmas Craft Fair at the Arts and Culture Center is getting closer and closer. I keep asking Pam for carved pieces, even though she is working full time next door on the orange house. My Nerves! What if we don't have anything to sell? A sarcastic Pam says, “I know, why don’t you use your time wisely and make some more zucchini people, put them through standards and sell them at the fair?"

Ha! Fooled her...she was being smarmy, but little does she know that I already have Mrs. Nutterbutter the Butternut Squash Lady and Doris, Deb and Trixie, (the parsnip sisters), in the vegetable crisper, just waiting for the day.
Photos: Craft Fair 2005

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Julie said...

Hi Pam and Cara
I stumbled onto your site through Shawn at islandsweet. I must say I was quite intrigued by your art and your renovations.

We live on the west coast (Corner Brook) and also, impress the neighbours with our renovations/additions/deckbuilding. The island is not ready for women/girls such as yourselves(and us) that are quite self reliant!

Hope to chat from time to time!

Julie and Pauline
Corner Brook