Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Thanksgiving Miracle

We were in St. John's on Friday and did not bring treats or toys home for the animals. We don't usually bring treats for all 17, but it IS Thanksgiving. We knew we would be in the dog house. On the way home, we stopped and checked our mailbox and there it was....a lovely white express package addressed to all of our friends.....even Fat Aunt Sylvia! Thank you Lori, for the lovely turkey treats and catnip. You saved the day, and we didn't have to put up with any wisecracks or dirty looks from anyone.
It was a Thanksgiving Miracle!

Image Above: "Berg Watching" by Cara
Acrylic on Canvas

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mrsshawn said...

I absolutely love reading your blog. It brightens up an otherwise terribly boring workday and makes me laugh out loud. Your art is so beautiful. It could brighten any room or mood!
I'm wondering about the 'Berg Watching' piece. Is it for sale? How much? Do you ship to Ontario?

Blessings and Thanks!