Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas Elves!

We have been busy like beavers and bees and bedbugs trying to get work done for the holidays. We have quite a few really neat custom orders and one of them in particular has a lot of really great detail. I love it when people order pieces for their partners or parents. It is nice to see how much people love each other. Almost every Christmas for the past 5 years, we have had a frantic phone call, from someone's frantic husband begging for a custom piece for his wife.....he forgot to order and could we PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do one for him.... I have a soft spot for these husbands and we almost always end up doing the order. I'll post photos of the neato orders after we are done them ...oops...I mean after they are delivered and opened. That would be a disaster!

Image: "Pop's Twine Shop" by Cara and Pam
Hand-Carved Wood/Acrylics

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LoriW said...

The true spirit of christmas inhabits the grumpy goat! "baaaaaa"-humbug! (couldn't resist!)
Your hearts are so good and your work brilliant. I'm excited to see all these secret custom orders! I guess we'll have to wait until Boxing Day, huh? .. but I'm patient.. (whistling)