Wednesday, November 11, 2009

SHE is in SO much trouble

SHE is in SO much trouble. We have a new car – an FJ Cruiser. I am almost never allowed to drive it but when I do, I am not allowed to touch any of the buttons. There are a lot of buttons. Buttons called something like “8-Trac” or maybe it’s “A-Trac”and “Rear Differential Suspension”, “16 Wheel Drive”, “Sub-Woofer” and “Up a Tree”. I am forbidden to touch any of these buttons. Monday night, I learned that other friends of ours, who have this same car, touch the buttons. They push them and watch their FJ do all kinds of nifty things. They drive through sand dunes, wade through ocean waters and dance the Tango.
You only live once. Tomorrow, I am going to peel off all of HER sticky red labels that say “DO NOT PUSH THIS BUTTON” and push the buttons. All of them. I am going to push all of them at once. Fare thee well and wish me luck. By this time tomorrow, I plan on being up a tree, soaking wet with a giant headache from the base of my woofer. Happy trails!


LoriW said...

Tear it up!!!

LoriW said...

Poor SHE. Today's the day! You're probably driving sideways across the underbelly of a bridge right now - have fun!
Maybe Santa will install a rollcage? If you're good ;-)

Theresa said...

LOL, go for, and remember to take the number of the local tow company, just in case.....;-)