Thursday, November 12, 2009



One moderately eccentric charming artist.

Last seen peeling out of the driveway on two wheels. Was wearing paint encrusted jeans and a hoodie, a pith helmet and goggles.

Presently following:

3 reports of FJ’s in trees.

One lead in which an FJ was spotted crossing Conception Bay heading towards Bell Island.

1 eyewitness account of an FJ scaling the underbelly of a bridge.

If anybody has seen a yellow FJ engaging in unusual behaviour, please let me know.

Reward offered for FJ.


LoriW said...

Late last night/early this morning a limoncello FJ was seen scaling a local cliff-side in what appeared to be pursuit of a gull. The driver looked like a woman possessed. There was no telling what she would do next. Details are scanty.

LoriW said...

Okay, now I'm worried. Can you go find Her? Maybe put out an APB and get her photo on a milk carton?... surely the harbour cats know something!