Friday, November 6, 2009

No Dogs Allowed!

No Dogs Allowed

Itchy and Scrapples


About the Cats.....
Newfoundland cats are the greatest cats in all the world. Maybe it's the environment that's made them so strong of character.... maybe it's the salty, sea air that's made them walk so tall and proud. They're not afraid of nothin' these Newfoundland cats... bruisers they are! Filthy and mangy with attitudes as bad as month old milk they march around the bay looking for a fight, a bit of dinner or a scratch behind the ears. They crack me up, these Newfoundland cats..... I just loves ‘em, I do.... I suppose that's how I ended up with four indoor and 10 raggle taggles outside!

Pine, acrylic, mixed media

47 x 105 x 49 cm (18.5" x 41" x 19")
By Cara and Pam

Photo: Eric Walsh


Niki said...

Your colours are rad, your style is sweet, I love your work, it's just really fring'in neat!!
Love to visit your studio some time.

Theresa said...

Oh my what a wonderful blog. I wish I still lived in New England.:-)
In any event, I will be checking back to see what delightful stuff you are up too. Love Beatrice, I have 5 goats, such silly girls they are too.