Saturday, November 14, 2009

Who wouldn't love a gold, macaroni necklace?

This is Girolamo Tordoni. We met him while in Sorrento. He is my favourite living artist, a maestro d’arte! I love his moustache. My most favourite possession is his painting. He glued macaroni to the frame and painted it gold. I, who as a child, spent hours/days/months making sparkly, macaroni necklaces, love it, love it, love it! I am not sure how many other people in the world have a soft spot for painted noodles, but if there are more than 2, perhaps we should form some sort of club?

Photo Top: Girolamo

Photo Bottom: Sunset in a macaroni frame. Brilliant.


Theresa said...

Confirmed macaroni artist here! At least I use to be....somewhere there is a mermaid whose tail is all elbow mac, complete with gold and blue paint. Horse manes are amazing in rotini. ;-)
I want that chocolate orange cake recipe though. I'd send you some macaroni for it. ;-0

Steve said...

We, too, met Geralamo in Sorrento last month and bought 2 of his tiny oils. Fabulous! One of them is almost identical to your macaroni decorated piece. He's one of a kind, for sure.
Hello from Owensboro, Kentucky, USA