Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Here Comes Santa Claws!

Gretel had her Christmas bath and haircut. When she was posing for her annual Christmas photo, we yelled "Here comes Santa Claus!" and she looked around in absolute terror as she recalled her horrific memory of Christmas past when BooBoo and Lily dressed up as Mr. and Mrs. Claus and tormented everyone with their jingle bells and scary beards. (Mrs. Claus' beard was exceptionally scary)

Photo: Happy Gretel Christmas 2009

P.S. I think we have the only dog in the world who can look in two directions at once.
P.P.S. Loopy, doesn't she look like "Tony" from Coronation Street, with her giant, mad eye?


LoriW said...

Oh Gretel, you look so lovely posing in your holiday delicates! I especially love your ruffled cuffs! Perhaps you would have liked if Lloyd posed with you again? He could watch for Mrs. Claus so you wouldn't have to divide your attention like that (p.p.s).

The camera loves you! Vogue!

LoriW said...

I recommend Gretel getting her own float in the St. John's Santa Claus Parade next year! Booboo and Lily and ALL the kitties can don their favourite Santa helper costumes, too!

I volunteer to be the driver!