Friday, December 4, 2009


Custom orders are lovely. Mostly because we get to work closely with our clients and get to know them a wee bit, which makes creating a personal picture much easier. This is a picture we just sent to Ontario for a birthday gift (haha! I hope the party is over and I haven't ruined the surprise. If I have, then...ahhh...SURPRISE! Yes, it IS you!!!! That is YOUR car and egg!! Neat huh?!!!)
I am not good at surpises. I was invited to a surprise party once. I was so excited, I opened the door and yelled SURPRISE!!! before my friend was even out of the car. I have not been invited to any surprise parties since.
I am so touched by the wonderful, thoughtful people who order special gifts for their friends/family/co-workers. You are all stars and I thank YOU for making me love my job so much!
"Mary's Cove" by Cara and Pam
Hand-Carved wood, acrylics,mixed media
Photo: Pam Dorey

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