Monday, December 28, 2009

The Spy Who Loved Me (Gretel's title for our Christmas Eve Delivery)

We can finally post a few photos of all of our sneaky, Christmas projects. We had orders for chairs, laundry pictures, place mats, pottery flower pots and even a table, but haven't been able to show anyone because they were all surprises!

The chair we are posting is pretty nifty. It is 7.5 feet high and is made from 3 different birch trees. The cats are hand-carved from pine and the birds and leaves were all hand-felted by me. It was madness getting the chair in the car and in to St. John's, but Gretel and I sat in the very back of the FJ (away from the buttons) and held the back door closed. It was all very 007. We had to hide down the road from the clients home until his wife left as the window of opportunity for delivery was very small. SHE says that she was 007 and I was Miss Moneypenny, but I was definitely 007. Definitely.

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Janet Davis said...

That looks awesome!
I can't tell from the pictures what the shape of the actual seat is- is it a couple of fish?
Are the cats portraits of actual cats? or are they fictional characters?