Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year To All!

Frantic! We have been invited to 3 parties/occasions/hullabaloos in the next 2 days. Needless to say, we are terribly excited! SHE has said that under no circumstances, can I wear my new, magic rubber boots to party #2.

I AM going to wear them. I AM. I love them and I am never, ever going to take them off. I am even wearing them now, with my pj's. I didn't know I needed rubber boots until I received them for Christmas, from Gretel. She is a star. Now, when we go tree hunting in the woods for our sculpture wood, I won't mind so much when I step in moose cakes. I love my boots.

She is busy, pounding up steaks for rouladen(German meat rolls with pickles!!)We are bringing it to the pot-luck (party#2, where I will be wearing my boots).

It is very nifty living in a house with someone who makes things.

I took out the meat to make the rolls and said "Hey!! We don't have a meat pounder-thingy!!"

Five minutes later, She came in, having made me a meat pounder-thingy out in the workshop. It is lovely and it works very well. She is doing a terrific job and they will taste yummy. Of course, they would probably taste better if She had been wearing new rubber boots while making them, but poor Gretel only has a small piggy bank. Maybe next year.

Have a Happy New Year EVERYONE!!!!

Photo: Gretel's Magic Boots

My New Meat Pounder-Thingy


LoriW said...

Logging in on the fly... nice meat pounder thingy! AWESOME boots! Happy New Year! XO

Julie said...

We had two schnauzers and over time, Pauline became very good at haircuts. Gretel's picture reminded me of those haircuts and not to forget trimming the feet.

Gretel also has on her magic boots! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Rubber boots are perfect as slippers too! Love your humor and your artwork! The cats and of course Gretel are lucky to live in such a fine 4 star establishment.

If I ever get the chance to visit Newfoundland you can bet your bottom dollar I will be looking for the orange house - I would enjoy a cuppa tea and the company.

Best wishes, Martha