Wednesday, December 23, 2009

'Tis the Season to be Jolly!

Things here are frantic. We've had more custom orders this year than ever before....which is a WONDERFUL thing, but incredibly hectic and we seem to have forgotten all about having a Christmas ourselves. We are having a turkey...SHE is being a star this year and is going to do it all! Marvelous! The last time she cooked the turkey she started cooking it from frozen on Christmas afternoon and we had it on the 26th. Bless her turkey-cooking heart.

We've done most of our deliveries, but still have one more tomorrow (YES, on the 24th!!) I hope the poor man doesn't end up in the ICU with heart palpitations..oh, the nerves! There is a lot of pressure making and delivering someones MAIN gift. Lives are at stake. It is serious business!

We will post some of our custom order photos after the big day....don't want to ruin any more surprises.

I am doing all of my Christmas shopping tomorrow afternoon. I am slightly nervous about it, but shall dive right in. (I will take 2 Ibuprofen and drink a large glass of Shiraz first). I will apologize now if I step on your toe in the supermarket or knock you over in Costco. It's a battlefield out there.

People are actually extra lovely during the holidays. Last week I was in the dollar store buying yaffles and yaffles of tissue paper and there were at least 476 people in line behind me. One cash open. Screaming babies. Oopsy-daisy diapers. Very hot. The woman in front of me decided that she was carrying around too much change and it was too heavy. She dumped it out on the counter. Piles and piles of change. Mountains. Glaciers. I can still hear it. The cashier was apoplectic. I started to laugh and to my surprise, so did everyone else....even the cashier. She ended up helping the woman count out $7.00 in pennies and dimes and we all waited and smiled and it wasn't a disaster at all. Happy holidays!

Photo: Papa Luigi "Ho,Ho, Hold the Turkey Still"


Julie said...

Merry Christmas Cara and Pam and all your little fur friends.

Thanks for the enjoyable blogging and maybe one day, we will come and see your studio in person.

Julie and Pauline
Corner Brook

Janet Davis said...

Merry Christmas!