Monday, December 14, 2009

The Weather Outside is Frightful!

I think people who dress their pets in human clothes are totally ridiculous. I point and scoff at poodles in tutus and bull dogs in varsity sweaters. It is not cute, it is weird. It is something that we do not condone.
The only acceptable occasions for dressing pets are, of course, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, their birthdays (and when they have to attend other birthday parties), MY birthday, (SHE has requested that her annual gift be NOT having to look at costumed cats on her day of birth) and Labour Day.

When it is chilly, of course, they need to be kept warm. We are not monsters.

SHE gave wee Gretel such a close shave that I had to get her a new hat, sweater and scarf. Wee Gretel is too big for the clothes at regular pet stores, so I have to buy actual real-live human children clothes and cut out ear holes. (I have experience doing this because of an ear problem that I once had, but I'll not get into that now)

Gretel has a play date with beautiful Clio tonight and is very excited about showing off her new hat. (I have a matching one for HER for Christmas. I think they will both look grand!) Will post a photo on the day!

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LoriW said...

Gretel, you're the Bea Arthur and Houdini of Christmas rolled into one!

I look forward to the full magazine spread. There's a whole lot going on with this ensemble and I think I need a profile shot to figure it out.