Sunday, January 10, 2010


Our fabulous book club met last night. Our book was "Reading Lolita in Tehran" by A. Nafisi. Lucky for HER, the dinner had a Middle Eastern theme. She knows how to cook one thing and one thing only. Poached quince. As you can imagine, we don't have this often. Once a year, the quince arrive in the post from Ontario and everything comes to a grinding halt as she prepares her one and only dish.
Poached quince require the cook to place the quince in a pot of water, add 1 cup of sugar and simmer for 3 hours. That is it. That is all. Done. Bob's your uncle.
Somehow, She manages to make this a bigger production than the presidential state dinner. Every pot, spoon, knife and plate is dirtied. Everyone must stop what they are doing every 5 minutes and peer into the pot to admire the simmering quince. Oohhing and ahhhing is required.
Yesterday, She made poached quince for eight. I will be cleaning up the disaster for days. I don't mind because everyone loved them and they are truly delicious. SHE is a star. And it will be sad that we have to wait a whole year to do it again.

P.S. Everything at the book club dinner was amazing....the roast, the crispy potatos, the terrific salads and OH, the red wine sauce was to DIE for! I don't think I will ever get all of it out of my hair and left ear, but THAT is another story for another day.
Thank you END for sending the quince!

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LoriW said...

I've got a feeling SHE's performing special magic in that-there quince pot!
In fact, your whole book club dinner sounds like magic. Happy New Year!