Friday, January 8, 2010

Che Fortuna!!! A Magic Wand!!!!

I love everything Italian. The country, food, wine, people.......all magic! I have painted an Italian lemon grove in my kitchen. My cupboards are covered with Italian words. Italy is my bliss.I have been teaching myself to speak Italian for 4 years from tapes and cd's.I tried it out on our last holiday in Campania and it worked! Well, sometimes....

Today SHE came in from her workshop and handed me a fancy stick. It had a bell at the end. What is it? I asked.SHE is a magic wand for your spells. All day long, you are casting spells...."UNO MOMENTO!" "BONJOURNO!" "UNO MOMENTO" you sound like someone from Harry Potter and you need a magic wand. For your spells.

Now, some people would take offence. I, on the other hand, am going to take Italian level 1, at Memorial University starting January 27.

Put THAT on your pizza Mrs!

(I do admit, I love my magic wand and waving it in the air as I practice my beloved language has actually helped my intonation immensely)

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Julie said...

I listen to a very interesting radio show called Coast to Coast am all the time. The other night, George Noory had someone who wrote a 700 page book called the Book of Wands and he said that anyone can make a wand with special powers.

That wand sure looks special and magical to me!