Friday, January 22, 2010

Yes! We Ship Our Work All Over the World! Free cat with every purchase!

We've been working all of the hours in the day (which is a GRAND thing!) and just completed this piece (above) for a client in Alberta. It's quite large and you should have seen the chaos when I was trying to package it for shipping. Tape, tissue, bubble wrap, cardboard...EVERYWHERE. All of the cats were on their worst behavior and decided to dive-bomb me at every turn. Coco had a roll of tape stuck to her back and ran in circles for 5 minutes before I could catch her. Disaster!
After a great deal of frustration, the piece was wrapped, bubbled and boxed. I used 3 rolls of packing tape. No one is going to get into that thing. (I think it will take our poor client at least 3 hours to open the box).
When it was all over, I put the kettle on and thought I'd take a break.
A simple coffee break? No such luck....after several counts, I realized I was short 1 cat.
Photos: A look at the various stages of
"St. John's Narrows, 2010" by Cara and Pam
Hand-carved wood/acrylic/mixed media


Julie said...

oh gosh...I hope Coco likes Alberta!

LoriW said...

After learning how badly the cats torment poor Gretel I wasn't as disturbed as I should have been to find you're now parceling cats with each work. But I know that's only the dark spot in my heart talking.. it's only the size of a freckle.. otherwise surrounded with cat-loving sunshine. (I love you Gretel!)