Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Up, Up and Away!

We just received the show catalogue from the Cheonju International Craft Biennale in South Korea. It was SO exciting to open the book and see our piece and our wee photos and our names. It is an incredible honour to be among such a talented group of artists from all across Canada. How amazing that people in South Korea were looking at our work! We know a few other craftspeople who also had work in the show, who travelled all the way there for the exhibition. We did not go. SHE suffers from the terror of flying. Not to say she doesn't fly, she does, but it is a difficult undertaking and I understand. We only fly when we have to, or every few years for a really big trip. There are tears, white knuckles, panic attacks and then of course, a whole series of conversations about what will happen if........? There are "flying" socks and tranquilizers and expensive pre-flight seat selections (we can't sit in view of the wing)....funny, on a chicken, the wing is her favourite part!!
I do sympathize with Her. Flying is her one and only hardship.
We watched the film UP this summer, and it seems to have helped Her enormously. She says that life is too short to put things off. You can't be afraid of things that you can't control. I think that is great.
I missed the trip to South Korea, but who knows....maybe next summer we will attach 20,000 balloons to OUR house and fly to Slovenia!
Photo : "Breathe" Hand-Carved wood/acrylics/mixed media
by Cara Kansala and Pam Dorey
Part of the 2009 Cheongju International Craft Biennale, South Korea
Unity and Diversity, Guest Pavillion Canada

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