Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Cheese Doesn't Stand Alone in THIS House!

Gretel is on a diet. It is going quite well but she is starting to protect her food. She still doesn't give a lick (haha) if the cats go near her ugly, calorie-reduced brown squares, but she loses her mind if they walk within 5 feet of her "treats". Her rawhide bagels with cheese are the worst. She tears them apart, then sits for hours holding the massacred bits in her mouth. She is very good at it. You couldn't get that rawhide cheese log from her for anything in the world.
Gretel learned this from me. SHE is a very fast eater, and often, when I still have half a turkey sandwich left, she starts to circle. I got wise to HER "Can I just have a bite?" routine 15 years ago. Her bites are the size of Mount Vesuvius. She is very proud of this. She and her sister used to have contests to see who could fit their whole hand in their mouth. True. Unfortunately, it is true.
So, poor Gretel spends her days burning calories and defending her cheese. I suppose there are worse things she could be doing. She COULD be trying to fit her paw in mouth in order to impress the cats and dazzle us all with her secret talents. She doesn't do any of these things, though. She just sits and defends her cheese.
Photos: Gretel Defends the Cheese

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