Monday, February 8, 2010

A Wonderful Weekend...Hope Yours Was Too!

Oh, what a wonderful world! Saturday night we were treated by good friends (the owners of "The Love Shack") to a gourmet Chinese meal, with celebratory champagne included! It was a fabulous night and the evening ended just as it should (we slid, rolled and glided down their driveway on our bums on the ice and nearly died can't ask for better than THAT!) After a few very stormy days, Sunday gleamed and glistened and SHE helped me make a giant Snowcat. His name is Freddo Italiano. We had a grand time and even made snow angels...Gretel's was a bit funny looking, but who am I to judge?
Hope everyone survived the blizzard. Thank you to E. and S.!

Photo: Papa investigates Fredo The SnowCat Sculpture!

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LoriW said...

"That's real snow!". That's what buddy keeps saying in my ear. We've been staring at your impressive snow scupture for a hours! We can't agree if cat-hat is real.

Very cool!