Monday, March 8, 2010

If Llamas Laid Eggs, Would Anyone Knit Them Hats?

Friday was wee Coco's birthday and HER birthday, too!
Coco's present was a brand new hat from the Craft Council (which I am told, is actually an egg warmer.....but why would people put cat hats on eggs?)
It would have been nifty if I'd been able to get an egg warmer hat for HER too, but do people boil eggs that big? Emus? Llamas?
SHE just told me that Llamas do not lay eggs.
They are NOT, in fact, birds.
I know this. But I am tired.
Llama's SHOULD lay eggs.
You'd only need one egg for an eight egg omelet.
I am constantly confused with the ways of the world.
Friday, SHE was treated to a most fabulous birthday surprise party-within an already fabulous party and was, indeed, splendidly surprised!
The best gift of all is having lovely friends!
Coco still hasn't taken off her hat .
Perhaps I'll have to boil her an egg.

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Dale Cameron said...

Happy birthday Coco from Dale, Todd, Hudson & Bridges - great b'day photo.