Monday, April 12, 2010

As Sick As A Dog!

It is hard to find a good veterinarian. It is really wonderful when you find a great one! We are lucky enough to have found a terrific gang of people at the Baccalieu Trail Animal Hospital that treat our crazy family like gold. We've brought in cats with sore paws, toothless cats (they don't make dentures for cats because it is hard to get them to hold still while you wait for the denture paste to settle), cats with swollen eyes, overweight,embarrassed dogs, cats with bad nerves, cats with hemorrhoids ( perhaps caused by the bad nerves...we won't get into the details, butt the medication was a nightmare) and kittens with lung infections. You name it, someone at our house has had it. We've actually started self diagnosis based on the animals medical histories....geez Pam, you're barking like a dog...bad cough....we should call the vet. All fun and games until SHE noticed I was scratching my ear a lot and made me a white, plastic cone for my head out of an old garbage pail.
Image: Baccalieu Trail Animal Hospital by Cara and Pam
Hand-carved wood, mixed media

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