Friday, April 23, 2010

...but when she was bad she was horrid!

SO......the truth comes out. Caught wet-handed, is creepy the SINK, washing his painty paws. He was trying to distract me by eating my parsley and making vampire faces. Wet, mucky, orange/black/silver Lily prints. Everywhere. I have to get it all cleaned up before SHE sees it.

To make matters worse, I am making a HUGE batch of Sangria for our book club dinner tomorrow night. There are lemons and limes and pips and peels and red wine spots everywhere. UGHHHHhhhh!

She just got her decanter cleaned out and put away....(thanks to everyone for all of the great advice!)

It is all sparkly and shiny and clean. I am dying to "Sangria" it again.

It was so pretty. I am going to. I am going to do it now.

How angry can she get?

I will let you know.


LoriW said...

Lily really does look evil in this photo! Unfortunatley, you can't scold a cat - they just don't care. P'raps you can dress him up as a dog for your book club party.. that may give him reason to reflect on his actions.

moremiles said...

Bad is right as in black cat bad. That poicture would make a great subject for a painting, don't you think?