Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Perfect Day for Skunks

Yesterday, I finished the above piece titled "Murphy's Perfect Day". As I hung it up in the studio last night, I realized that I had had a perfect day as well. I woke at 6am and went right to a lot of painting done and managed to finish a big project I have been working on. In the afternoon, we drove up to the Feather with a friend and had a magical walk in the salty, fresh air. The day ended with a lamb dinner at our house and a game of cribbage. I was skunked. My only consolation was that SHE was skunked, too. I don't think it's right for people to come to your house, eat the lamb dinner, enjoy the pear poached in Lapponia liqueur with spiced cream and quince preserves and then beat you at cribbage.
After all, it was LAMB!
I never!
Well, next time I will play harder and beat said friend at the cribbage.
Or perhaps instead of lamb, I will serve skunk.
Anyone have any good recipes?
Images: "Murphy's Perfect Day" by Cara and Pam * wood cut/acrylics
Poppy's Perfect Pear

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LoriW said...

In all fairness to your friend, I think they may be able to plead "temporary enchantment" in their defence. I think the magical walk and gourmet meal led your friend to believe they may have died and gone to heaven.. in which case if you were playing cribbage in heaven it'd only make sense you'd win and skunk all the other players. Obviously.

- Skunkless in Newfoundland