Friday, April 23, 2010

Would the True Culprit Please Come Forward

This is a photo of tiny, orange, black and silver footprints all over our brand new white chairs. SHE was very cross with me and said it was MY fault and that I have to be more careful. I said that it was NOT me, nor was it my fault.
1. My feet are not that furry
2. I wear size 10 shoes and my feet are not that small
3. I don't really like that colour combination
4. I rarely STAND on the chairs....only for light bulbs, certain dance routines and scraping paint splats off the ceiling
I can't believe that I am always getting in trouble for everything that goes wrong.
I DID leave my wet paint palette on the counter for the night, but I don't know what THAT has to do with anything.

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LoriW said...

Not to detract from the serious issue of who's fault it was that kitty paws found wet paint and proceded to off-road over the furniture... but where did you buy your new white chairs?