Monday, May 24, 2010

Whatever Gets Your Goat

We have been spending all of our free time on the "feather".....a beautiful walking trail near our house. I am obsessed with the sheep and goats and SHE has said that next summer I can get a few goat friends, if SHE can get chickens! I am SO excited! I have been looking at miniature goats (a friend of ours has some) and I think they would be great. I could make them wee miniature sweaters, miniature scarves, hats and tiny, little cupcakes for treats. SHE says that if I try and make felted hats for the chickens, I am on my own. She won't even drive me to the hospital. I wonder what size shoes chickens wear?


LoriW said...

Goats and chickens and cupcakes, oh my! Sounds like a lovely compromise. Everybody wins!

foggiamle said...

I would highly recommend bottle-fed goats vs. mama fed! They think they are human and crave human attention much like a dog. My 2 cents.