Thursday, May 20, 2010

Someone Will Have to Let the Cat Out of the Bag

I did not get a wink last night. All 6 cats had the midnight crazies.
Paper towels shredded from one end of the house to the other....dirt and earth everywhere....they dug up my newly planted kitchen herb garden....they practiced their "so you think you can dance" routines across the bed....they swung from the chandelier.....(and we don't even have a chandelier)
I am drinking my 17th cup of coffee...watching the world through tired, swollen, candy floss eyes.
To the outside world I appear to be painting but actually I am plotting my attack.
Whoopi cushion in the litter box?
Cat food replaced with dog food?
Perhaps I will knit them all sweaters for a group photo.
Revenge will be mine.
Image: Papa's Moon by Cara acrylic on paper

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